We’re Coming Back!

We’re coming back! Save these dates:
March 7 – Beat-The-Board Sweeper at Arlington Lanes.
March 20 – 1 Day Singles at Streamwood Bowl.
April 3 – 1 Day Singles at Stardust Bowl
Everyone’s membership and premium upgrades will be adjusted for the four months we’ve been down.
I’m in the process of doing rerates. All members who bowled in 2019 or 2020 are being reviewed. In addition we are going back to the use of bonus pins. Some members will be assigned bonus pins based on their most recent cashing record.
We will continue to respect Covid mandates. Masks must be worn and social distancing observed. But we will be glad to be back and look forward to seeing all of you.
Stay safe!

Back to Bowling!

I’ve booked two events, Sunday August 23rd at Arlington Lanes and Saturday August 29 at Stardust Bowl. Both will be beat-the-board sweepers. Multiple cashing is possible. Two game squads at 12:00-1:30-3:00-4:30-6:00.

We will adhering to the Covid-19 protocols required by both centers. In addition we will be setting guidelines of our own. All members must wear a mask when entering check-in room and approaching the check-in table. When in line to check please maintain a six foot space cushion with other members.

Bowlers will be assigned to a block of four lanes. IE you will bowl game 1 on 1&2, game 2 on 3&4. A maximum of 5 bowlers will be assigned to a 4 lane block. A maximum of 25 bowlers per squad. After completing game 1 bowlers will wait until all lanes have completed game 1 before moving to the next pair. This will maintain an empty pair between bowlers at all times. Bowlers will will spread out the best they can during competion. It is recommended that bowlers wear their mask all the time during competition (except when making deliveries) but they are not required to be worn while in the bowlers area. If exiting the bowlers area for any reason, masks must be worn.

Spectators are permitted, but they are not allowed in the bowlers area and must wear masks at all times.

The areas in and around the settees will be sanitized prior to each squad. So after your squad has completed you are asked to gather your equipment and leave the area as quickly as you can to facilitate sanitizing.

Bowling centers in Illinois recently came to an agreement with the state to increase the number of people allowed in the centers at one time, thus enabling us to run events. Let show the state we appreciate their consent to expand by conducting ourselves in a safe and respectful manner. Wear your mask, keep social distance, and look out for each other. These are crazy times and may continue to be crazy for some time.

The sweeper format will have an interesting twist which be explained in the flyer which will be posted soon.

You will be allowed to reserve 1 squad per event and that reservation will be held up to 15 minutes prior to the squad time. You can reserve for either event by replying here or by PM. But walk-ins are always welcome.

Look for to seeing you on the 23rd!

Important Information for 2020

REDUCED ENTRY FEE EVENTS – We are introducing the new “555” prize fund. There will be a $55 entry fee ($45 re-entry) with a first place guarantee of $555 (2nd place $200, LTC $60) Cashers pot will be $5. 1 in 6 will advance.

SIDE POTS AND BRACKETS – Side pots and brackets will be by squad again instead of by day. Side pots will return to $5 and pay each of three games and series. If there are insufficient entries there will be a series payout only. Brackets will be $5 per entry and will pay $25/$10. Side pots and brackets can be paid for at check-in and can go on your credit card.

REPLACING THE ENTRY CREDIT RAFFLE – We will be replacing the entry credit raffle with entry credit brackets. Each main event bowler checked in will receive two free bracket entries. Unlimited additional entries can be purchased for $1 each. Each bracket will pay $5/$2 in entry credit. We will
run these brackets only if there at least 8 main event bowlers on the squad.

GRAND FINALS – Grand Finals qualifying runs July 1, 2019 thru June 30, 2020. A total of 48 bowlers will qualify for this standalone, double-elimination finals tournament to be announced for July or August of 2020. Qualifying points are earned for recruiting, participation, and cashing in singles events held during the qualification period. All members earn points. There is no cost in order to earn qualifying points. The Grand Finals event will have an entry fee of $100 and will likely have added prize money.

NO CASH BONUS – if you fail to cash in 5 consecutive singles events you earn $50 in entry credit. If you fail to cash in 5 more consecutive singles events you will advance (and cash) automatically in your next event. You must pay the regular entry fee and bowl a squad to earn your auto advance.
If you make the actual cut with your score you will receive $50 entry credit. If you fail to bowl and event during a calendar month you will have one no cash deducted from your total. If you allow your membership to lapse you will lose your entire no cash count. Exempt life members and holders
of premium membership upgrades and not subject to the reduction.

SPECIAL TIE-BREAKING RULES – If there is tie for the cut with a Gold Ticket at stake. All ties will advance as usual, but if one of the tied bowlers is Gold Ticket eligible, that will satisfy the Gold Ticket advancer. If there is a tie for the Gold Ticket, high handicap game will break the tie. Those not
advancing will receive a $25 entry credit.

IRS FORMS – Will be available for pickup January 12 at Laraway Lanes or January 25 at Streamwood Bowl. Any 1099s not picked up will be mailed.